Biodiversity in the Cemetery

At the request of The Friends of Morningside Cemetery, Parks, Greenspace, and Cemeteries have agreed, for a 1 year trial period from Spring 2019, to stop applying glyphosate weed-killer to the areas in the cemetery between headstones where the grass cannot be mown by machine. The aim is to allow a variety of native wild flowers to grow in these areas. Some of these flowers will be grown from seed planted by the Friends, others should regenerate naturally.  The increased variety of native plants should provide food and habitat for insects, including bees and butterflies, and make the area more attractive to birds. This will increase the biodiversity in the cemetery and its interest to visitors. It should also reduce erosion around the foundations of grave markers.

In addition, piles of twigs will be constructed and small heaps of fallen leaves left to provide additional habitats for insects.

The biodiversity in the cemetery will be monitored during the trial period to assess the success of these measures.

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